“Your current circumstances don’t determine where you go, they merely determine where you start”.

- Dr. Lauren Fogel Mersey

Welcome to Be Brave Counselling (CIC)

Looking for counselling in Sunderland? Welcome to Be Brave Counselling CIC, a not-for-profit group private practice helping individuals of Sunderland walk through their experiences to become their true authentic self and shine their brightest light from within.


We are proud to be working alongside The Betsy Jenny Counselling & Wellbeing Café. Together, we aim to be the number one hub for people to turn to while looking for counselling in Sunderland when their current circumstances are proving difficult.

The environment of the café is warm and soothing, providing the opportunity for refreshments either before or after your counselling session.


We also have access to room hire in Washington and Gateshead if this would be beneficial to the person in need of support.


Here at Be Brave Counselling in Sunderland, we fully understand the financial demographics of the area and the cost-of-living crisis. This is why we offer a free 20 – 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you, inform you of how we work and for you to choose if counselling is right for you and we charge a competitive rate per session.


Read our mission statement here.